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Sunday, July 18th, 2010

(fall asleep)

Subject:lights out. wake up. stay calm.
Time:3:20 am.
Mood: contemplative.
So.. since my last crazy entry.. here I am with a glass of wine and a racing mind. I don't want to talk about Henry, like the last entry. I care too much. He's coming down to visit before I move... and by that I mean I hope he means that, but I know he won't. I wish I knew how to be his friend.

I'm moving, by the way, back home to Jersey. I feel such a longing to be home with everyone I grew up with and to be by my family again. I got approved for the apt for Sept 11th. JERSEY HERE I COME!!! I both feel like I'm running away from here, but at the same time I never really wanted to be here to begin with. I obviously can't start school in the fall like I planned. Hopefully I can get everything together for spring semester, but I really left myself in a hole. I'm still all about the sea turtles.. but this fucking oil spill makes me feel a hatred I can't even control. The species of sea turtles (among every other animal) are mostly found in the Gulf of Mexico. I was aiming for the University of Austin, TX; they have an awesome marine program just for sea turtles and sea birds. But now I can't tell where to go in a couple of years. Somewhere warm, that's for sure. But so much is being destroyed.. I don't even know what I can do.

I can't wait to leave Chicago. I don't bother telling anyone when I'm leaving, I kind of just want to disappear. I know this sounds emo, but I'm pretty sure no one gives a shit anyway. People here really disappoint me.

So on March 31st, my best friend/gay boyfriend, Ryan, was in an accident in Austin, TX. He was biking and got hit by a cab from behind. He was pronounced dead at the scene. I'm am ecstatic to say though that he's here (back in his home Chicago... he moved the beginning of March to Texas), out of the halo, can finally eat solid foods, got the feeding tube out, can walk (sort of) without a walker or a cane, and got to have a beer with his friends at his birthday party last saturday. I love this kid so much and it was scry for the month and a half he was in ICU in Texas. He has some fused neck bones (5), so he can't fully turn his neck either way, and he has a shit ton of physical therapy to go... but he's alive and here and still everyone's favorite asshole.

Anyway... I'm going to go.

Friday, November 13th, 2009

(fall asleep)

Time:9:25 pm.
I need to put this out there and get some opinions... the kind of opinions I'd consider but maybe not follow through with (just being honest). Also, the point of this is the last paragraph... the first 2 are background on the guy.

So that guy, Henry.. I wrote about him for a couple of entries almost 2 years ago. He's the guy I dated for quite awhile, then moved in with. But right before we moved in he broke it off and I still never got a reason. He of course started seeing someone else (while still living with me) but thank goodness never brought her home. A month after we moved out I was in Jersey the same time his band was touring. He was way more open about things, as in he fell into a really bad coke problem and needed to party around and blah blah blah. PS-he was straight edge when I met him. He seemed genuinely sorry though that he hurt me like that. He also said something we never came to saying while dating. He said he really did love me and if it were a better time in his life then things would have been way different. Of course those sound like a bunch of lines, but I know.. well, KNEW, him and he meant that. I also knew that we wouldn't keep up the frienship, and we haven't.

Now he's been seeing the same girl since basically after that tour (last July '08). I've been over him and moved on. This girl he was hooking up with while living with me is one of Ryan's best friends so obviously she and I have hung out. She DOESN'T seem over him. Either that or she just needs to bring him up EVERY SINGLE TIME she is around me. Great we both got hurt by the same guy, but get over it.

TO THE POINT OF THIS!!! She mentioned he's having a show in Chicago in the beginning of December. I'm REALLY tempted to go. Should I or is that just... stupid. I'm pretty sure my intentions aren't to flirt/hook up with him. I'm into someone else. I kind of want to go looking amazing to sort of rub it in his face... I'm such a silly chick about that but whatever. WHAT'S EVERYONE'S OPINION!?

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Subject:too much mac and cheese, if possible
Time:8:29 pm.
Mood: cold.
It's been a minute since I last wrote. I'm watching Forensic Files and the key piece of evidence is a button... it kind of looks like lifesaver gummie candy. I think I'm going to get some now. It sort of bums me out when the killer is a really cute guy... I guess that's the whole 'bad boy' appeal? Oh well.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited about the holidays, sort of. I've been out of a job for a couple of months but I have a new one starting just before Thanksgiving. Just in time to get people Christmas presents. :D I never know what to get people, but I love giving gifts. The shopping part, however, gives me small panic attacks. Last year I remember I kept most of my shopping to Target. I literally NEEDED my gay boyfriend, Ryan, with me to help me deal with the crowds. It's not just the crowds. Everytime I go into Target I just sort of go from "I'm on a mission for one item, everyone else fuck off" to a complete daze. I somehow make it out a couple of hours later with unnecessary items. WELL, thsi year Ryan is moving to Austin, TX for the winter. WHAT DO I DO NOW?!?! So far my best plan is a 'to go' cup full of whiskey.

I'm getting nervous about the winter months after the holidays though. I usually become a little depressed, I can't sleep at night, I'm a freak. I'm also hoping I can save up a few grand by the summer. I can't handle being in Chicago another year. I just feel like a huge weight is on me for still being here. I feel like I'm running out of time and I need to just go.

It's cold in this house. Just throwing that out there.

Welp... good talk. Later

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

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Time:3:47 am.
Mood: amused.
so... im at a bar right now w mandy moo and fabiel. my two amazing coworkers. they pulled me out of my weekend funk. and now we're talking about amazing music. i love(hate) chicago. she's talking about boston... sarah. where are you? come to chicago thanks. i hope everyone's doing awesome. carlee!!!!! i miss you!!!

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

(fall asleep)

Time:3:04 am.
Mood: sad.
so i dont like a guy for months and then get the nervw up to be open to someone new... fail. being ditched really bums me out. i can be fun sometimes. promise... and now i cant sleep. im thinking too much.

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

(fall asleep)

Time:1:54 am.
Mood: calm.
I've been thinking about life... well, who doesn't. Generally I'm pretty content with things. Even when bad things happen. Because seriously, it could always be worse. You could be dead. So there. Anyways, I also realized how I continue to fucking LOVE Korn. THAT'S my next tattoo. Another Korn tattoo. As if a song title across my lower stomach wasn't enough dedication, I'll get stuff put into my half sleeve. So guys, I got a Jersey tattoo. It's the state outline on my left ribs (with crap inside of it). And it didn't hurt like everyone told me it would.

I'm not exactly planning on being covered in tats. just half of an arm and my back. And LJ's paw print on my ankle. If i get a couple of other random ones they'd be small.

I have a new apartment... again. It's ok. I like it, but I don't like my roomie's dog. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs, but I'm not a bully breed owner. I never set out to be one, I already know I can't be harsh like they need it. She has a pit/rot mix. The first day he moved in he attacked both the upstairs neighbor and one of their dogs. No reason either. He freaks when guys come over... too much info but sex is awkward with a growling fucker in the other room. Just throwing that out there. I love my roommate Ashley. But her dog needs to straighten out... quick. And it's pretty safe to say that I can't go adopting my own pup. I'd even hesitate adopting a snake.

I dig my job... jobs, bartending and dogwalking. I have a pretend crush on my coworker. It gives me something to do. I suprisingly drink way less now that i bartend. and I love being outside everyday with dogs. LJ ALWAYS makes me laugh. He has so many expressions, and does so many random thngs. I learned last week that he's afraid of purple plants. And he refused to walk past the area where a lady was playing some unknown instrument VERY poorly. hah.

right. well. later guys. hope everyone's doing well

Monday, May 19th, 2008

(2 dreams | fall asleep)

Subject:come on barbie let's go party (fuck you dumb bitch!)
Time:11:37 pm.
Mood: disappointed.
uh... so. i finally got batteries for my shower cd player/radio and i listen to the radio all the time now. i was really digging this one song for awhile not even knowing who it was. it's the see you again song by miley cyrus. i didn't know that was her song! i didn't think i even heard anything by her. now as i listen to it right now she actually says 'it's just miley' or something that has her name.

huh. go me for being aware. and on another note, i've been thinking about YOU sarah!!! and LA and how you are about school and being a grown up. but for the life of me i'm incapable of picking up my phone to text you... but seriously, i've been thinking about it for weeks.

god forbid i write you personally, instead i post it right under my miley realization.

i'm too cool.

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

(2 dreams | fall asleep)

Time:1:57 am.
so... i move out next week. it's just the final 'it's over' with henry. he doesn't even care, or is even aware i'm freaking out about it... i just know that no matter how much we say we're friends and we'll still hang out, it's not reality. the reality of it is... is that it's over. there is no 'us', just henry in his life, and me in mine. i have that sinking feeling that our lives are going in seperate directions, as friends, as anything.

and it's freaking me out. it's been pretty lame hanging out with him lately, anyway. but whatever. i'm sure he's happy, he has grand plans for california. a touring band. awesome friends, random chicks. i just don't really feel like i fit there anymore. i did, i really did once. but just... not anymore.

fucking bummer.

that's about it. go me.

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

(fall asleep)

Time:5:56 pm.
Mood: tired.
I'm thinking too many free shots is a bad idea from now on. ... yeah, bad idea. And somehow I ended up with a phone number, someone's address, and a couple of emails... first of all, who the fuck gives email addresses. Second of all, two different people in one night doing that??


Lesson learned.
Sort of.

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

(2 dreams | fall asleep)

Time:12:36 am.
Mood: disappointed.
I like how people have been posting those cat things in there blogs. Makes me giggle.

So I'm looking to move back home. But I'm trying to make sure I have a plan. I've been trying to get a "plan" for months now... I know what I want... I just don't know how to get it. I want to go to school for vet tech. But it can't be in a school that'll give me random courses that have nothing to do with what I need to know. I'll just not be able to focus right and will fail, then it's a waste. If, later in life, I want something more than being a vet tech, then I'll cross that bridge... later. I don't want to live in Chicago anymore. Or anywhere in the midwest. And as much as this apartment is cool, I really just want to move out. The only reason I'm even in this place was because I thought it was okay to plan my life that included some boy. I used to always question why he was engaged at age 19 and wouldn't he want to date around. His answer clearly did a 360 in the span of less than a year. In a way, I knew this would happen. So yeah, I need to get off my balls and fucking decide already if Jersey is a possibility or if I actually have to find ANOTHER roomie in some other place.


I just don't want to end up as some loser. I'm scared of failing. I can't seem to make my savings account grow to be more than 0 dollars, and I can research schools all I want but no one has ever helped me figure out what to look for in aid and loans... the whole idea of it is terrifying. How can people actually view me as independent when I barely feel like I get by month to month. And apparently it's just so fucking cool I'm on my own out Chicago, gosh I'm so brave. What the fuck does that even mean?? I don't know what the next step is... all I know is what I want to end up as. And PS did I mention I have NO MONEY. Unless you count the 53 dollars I just made in tips. Only 407 bucks more to get to rent money that's due next week.


Plus side about tonight... besides a cute lawyer buying me a couple of shots... Jess! I get to see her tomorrow. And I get to see 'The Girls' tomorrow night. But I think Angela is bringing her dude, Brian.. Meaning we won't really see her. But oh well. I'm off to watch Family Guy and pass out on the couch... But first... this Dresden Dolls song.

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

(2 dreams | fall asleep)

Time:1:08 pm.
Mood: annoyed.
I just realized that my dresden doll background is gone. Huh. Well, after the fiasco of last week's moving out bullshit, I found a temporary place for Kami til the first, when I move... again. Well, I can't seem to make the stressful, hurtful things give me a break. Friday night Henry breaks us off... with no real reason. BUT he still wants to move in with me. I don't understand... at all. We were all happy and shit a week earlier, but I guess shit happens. So now that I'm moving in with him, and sharing a room.... this just sounds like bullshit. At least now I can just save my money and move home. Denice had offered me a room for rent with her a couple of months ago, and now I'm considering it. But what the fuck will I do back in Jersey?

I still can't figure out what to do with my life. In fact, I still have no job. I haven't been motivated lately because I've been doing so much dog sitting. LJ's parents pay me by the hour because I take bubby out every day just to get him to play. I guess when I come back from my visit to Jersey I'll be more hardcore about looking for a job.

But fuck, I just don't get what's up with Henry. He just keeps answering with 'I don't know'. This is what I get for finally being into someone more than what I felt about Rob. I thought that wouldn't ever really happen... but it did. And I let it slip away.

FUCK. 6 days and I'll be home. Just 6 fucking days.

Anyway, I'm off to LJ's for our daily playtime. It's cold out. I fucking hate the cold.

And also, my phone is shut off. My bill was way higher than I anticipated and didn't have the money in my account. So I deposited more but it'll take a couple of days to clear. Actually, it probably did by now, but I'm not near a phone or ATM to check.

Hope everyone's well and you guys had awesome holidays!

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

(1 dream | fall asleep)

Subject:when it rains, it pours
Time:1:12 am.
Mood: crappy.
so everyone seems to have gotten horribly sick a couple of weeks ago... and my body decided that it was feeling left out. all fucking weekend i was sick (and still am). i had plans to go up to milwaukee to see bad religion sunday night and stay at my friend's place til... today (tuesday). well, friday i started getting a fever and coughing and generally feeling like shit. sat i was terrible. i couldn't really go anywhere and my head felt like it was going to explode. i had called out of work that day and slept and drank orange juice and ginger ale. sunday comes, i can almost function. i make my way out to somewhere to meet up with my friend and his family. there was lots of food that i tried eating... i have my usual hunger but my stomach won't let me eat til i'm full now. I FUCKING HATE THAT. we get up to milwaukee, go to the show... i was nothing like i was the previous week for korn. i didn't go into any pits and i started feeling lightheaded and knew if i didn't sit i'd pass out. and my friend stayed over by me. that was really awesome and sweet and all that fun shit, but i hope i wasn't a bummer. :/

monday comes, i'm not feeling any better at all. and i passed out after my shower. go me. i tried to get myself going and was all about hanging out at a skate park and bowling... and don't get me wrong, it was a kick ass time and i want to do all that again... but i still could't shake the cough, dizziness, stuffy nose, or loss of appetite. i'm surprised i got my fucking bowling ball down the alley. monday was easy to shrug my sick feeling off and tag along (basically making my body put up with it), but last night and today i couldn't perk myself up for the life of me. i felt like just dead weight dragging around fatigued out of my mind... all the while coughing. any humor i claim to have was on vacation, as well as my whole fucking personality.

now, back home, my mind is so bogged down, but i can't get myself to sleep even though i have work in a bit. FUCK i haven't been this sick in yrs. and i hate it.

i wish i can do the weekend over... but whatev. i can't. and it also hasnt been helping that i had this weird dream about angie last night. it was basically us in a huge fight over why our friendship ended. apparently she meant way more to me as a friend than i had ever wanted. and i miss the fuck out of her.

fuck being sick. i'll post something some other time.

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

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Time:7:51 pm.
I don't really get why we can't hold onto workers. No. I take that back. I don't get why Sam hires crap ass people that call out every week, bitch about the days they actually show up, then quit. Stacy fianlly quit, and Kizzy called out AGAIN. Charlie bitched about how he doesn't feel too well for the FIFTH DAY IN A ROW, and Ivette clarified saying "Well maybe you shouldn't go out drinking then!" Ivette is a scrawny little loud chick that has some sort of cancer or cyst or whatever, she's a bitch that yells at the dogs too much, and she is also sonstantly calling out for medical reasons. Sorry she has shit wrong with her, but we shouldn't have hired her, this job is no walk in the park.

So last night, because of course this is going to be mentioned, I went to see Rage Against the Machine with Jess and Matt. I STILL feel muddy from the downpour and mudslinging assholes. But, overall the concert was awesome.

I made that too short because Mom's home. I'm staying here a couple of nights because a bunch of trees were uprooted on my block (because there are trees in this city) and our power is still out.

Meaning I couldn't wash my disgusting moldy clothes that were worn last night.

By the way Jess, Steph WAS there last night, had seats but never got through the crowd to get to them, and fell in the mud a few times.


Friday, July 20th, 2007

(fall asleep)

Subject:bad week, with high notes
Time:3:42 pm.
Mood: optimistic.
My week... sucked. But then is sort of getting better. First, my bag and camcorder was stolen. That just sucks because my CO and NJ trips are on there, and i never got around to uploading them (expensive harddrive camcorder). I lost my wallet, in it were my ID and social security card. I carry the SS card because I move too much and usually need it, so it's the accessable thing to have it on my ass at all times. Constant cold shoulder from my mom's girlfreind because she doesn't want me living here and I threw up such a bitch about my PIN number. And also the constant lecture about how I basically am so far behind because you guys are all graduating soon and doing stuff in the real world, and I never went to college.

Okay, now for the optimistic side: Some really nice woman found my wallet and saw my ID and a PetSmart reciept so she called my store and asked if I worked there. The guy didn't recognize my name though and said 'No'. After harrassing the police everyday in case she turned it in I finally get a call yesterday from the Netcong, NJ post office. They said a package was mailed to my old address which is the address on my ID, and that the box was from Chicago. They are sending it back to me here no extra charge. Hopefully, it's my wallet. More cool things, this week I met with a potential roomie who has a room for rent for 300 a month. Good deal. And no angry girlfriend. :D he only bad thing, I can't bring my cat, Kami. But Kams has been staying at my friend Jim's place, and is welcome there for a few months.

One more plus. Because there's been so much pressure to decide what I want to do with my life I've tried to force myself into a field. Basically, all I've ever known was that I'm passionate about animals and hating the human race. So I've leaning towards environmental studies, or marine biology. To figure out more if I'd want that I'm putting in a volunteer aplication at the aquarium for working experience behind-the-scenes. I'm hoping this will get me more focused so that I can some day do the college thing. Those classes would be intense, and I basically flunked out of high school, so yay for needing to put in a lot of effort and money that I don't have into my love of the environment.

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

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Subject:she doesn't get enough
Time:10:01 am.
Mood: exhausted.
i need a weekend away so freakin bad. one where i turn my phone off and no one, not my landlord, not any 'client', or my work can reach me, no problem calls. if the last few weeks haven't stressed me out enough, this weekend for some reason was the worst. i got ashley to pick up kami. that makes me feel slightly better even though i really want him by me while he grows this first year of his little life. so hopefully ashley and i find an apartment soon so i can see him all the time again. i miss my little bubby. trouble is going with cristina. i need to find a home for devi. i was so excited about the two kittens... until it turned into 3, and a guinea pig, and a snake. and with sahara saying she talked with the owner of where we were supposed to move into and everything was set up only to have her call and say 'we already promised it to someone else'... right. so now to find homes for these little poopers. oh my fuck, there's more, i'm just tired of thinking about it.

so the trip yesterday coming home... took many many hours and i was even more worn out and annoyed about many things. finally get back late and figure, 'fuck it, i'm staying at my mom's rather than enjoy a CTA bus ride'. i got a call two nights ago from an old friend who, in under 5 minutes, convinced me a weekend away would be just what i need.

the moment i woke up yesterday i cleared the rest of my spare cash to book this flight for next weekend. i know i don't have off, and i have court at 2:30... but i'm out. i'm calling off if i can't get it switched, and my phone is being turned off. i can't wait.

i'm hoping i don't close with niolani and stacy tonight, they ruin my mood and make me feel like i don't do shit at work.

and i hope LJ is there. i miss the shit out of that dog.

fuuuck. whatever. i want to go dancing.

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

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Time:2:07 am.
Mood: ecstatic.
Oh man, so Sahara and I are both finally moved into our place (I moved in around the beginning of april, she moved in last week). Well, one of the girls from work said her cat had kittens a couple of weeks ago and if we wanted any. Heck yeah! We went to see them the day after they were born SO CUTE. And we went again today. Besides being offered that apartment where the kittens were (much nicer than the place we have) we picked out two kittens. I chose the only girl in the litter of 4 and promptly named her Devi. Sahara picked out one that snuggled with her the quietest and named him Trouble. HERE'S SOME CUTE PICS

This one is Trouble, Sahara's kitty... btw since they're still only a few weeks old we can't take them home yet
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is Devi
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And this is Devi napping in my arms :D
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sunday, April 1st, 2007

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Subject:random bitch post about work
Time:12:14 pm.
Mood: nostalgic.
I'd have to say that, for once, I really don't want to go to work today. And I've been bitching about it so much lately that I want to smack myself because I think it's annoying. And then I sit there and ask what the fuck am I doing about this to make it better. nothing. I like the dogs too much to quit. I just wish my boss would hire some more fucking people, because we could really use some help. :/ And raise my pay. 8 bucks for cleaning up shit for 8 hrs out of the day 5 days a week doesn't quite cut it.

But most of the time, I enjoy my job. I'd probably leave early today just to stop and grab a soda and chill out visiting certain dogs (LIKE ALL THE PUGS!!!!!!!!) Then clock in 20 minutes early for the fuck of it, because I KNOW there's something somewhere that needs to get done. It's like the Perona job. I really liked that one. I really miss seeing Denice at work. And hiding out in the service hall sneaking the food, and the "tarp monster" and of course I miss staring at the pretty boy during brunch. After he quit, there really wasn't much else to do there. Oh, besides play poker with Jeff and Fern in the Gold room... and having one of our bosses come in showing customers the room. OH MAN I had so much fun with that job. And summer time. I won't be in Jersey for summer. I'm getting so sad about that.

The city isn't going to smell the same. That sounds weird, but whatev.

Anyway, I'm off to get ready for work and walk in early. like, an hour early.

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

(fall asleep)

Subject:i fucking love korn
Time:11:10 pm.
Mood: blah.
First of all, I'm excited because I'm seeing 300 tomorrow night at the IMAX theater. It's gonna be wicked.

Speaking of 'wicked', I just now realized that Korn had an unplugged performance. I'm so jealous I wasn't in the audience for that!! FUCK. I'm getting such goosebumps from just watching it on youtube. They still have that affect on me, and it's amazing. :D:D:D:D I'm on their acoustic cover for 'Creep' by Radiohead.

Soooo, long day at work. Some annoying people that bug me. But oh well. I've had a much lower tolerance for people lately... lower than usual. I hope I'm not cranky tomorrow.

But Korn is fucking amazing especially with this cover. They made it so soft, toned down the 'Korn' and really brought out the fucking beauty of everything they can be... God, that was so pathetic. But seriously, Jon Davis pulled off the singing so well. I can babble on and on about this crap.

I also realize how much, in previous entries, I plan things that never happen... but seem possible. So my next plan that can be possible but with my motivation will never happen is I'm actually thinking about hanging around Chicago and getting an apartment. I don't know why it'd be easier here than Jersey. It's about the same, but whatever. I like pretending. Basically I'm a bum with a lot of dreams. I have a house sitting job for Thorkey coming up in a month. I can actually use that as a reference, and maybe pick up a couple of more people with dogs that need a walker. And a house sitter. I'll watch other pets, too, of course. It seems so simple. So what's the fucking catch??

I just remembered that I have a Monster that I can conveniently mix with some vodka. And I can sleep in tomorrow. So I should make a sandwich and my drink to relax. It's probably help me go to sleep easier. I've been having a lot of trouble with that recently all over again.

... 10 minutes just went by. Letty was awake... and Mom's upstairs throwing up. Scratch the drinking idea. :/ Next week I guess.


Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

(fall asleep)

Subject:184007419 I stole a pack of Pokemon cards from a Hello Kitty store
Time:11:04 pm.
Mood: happy.
I'm doing my 'Every-6-month-real-update' time. Actually, I don't know how often I update this thing. First of all, I miss Jersey like crazy. But maybe I just miss living with Kate. She's basically like my sister and I still feel weird not seeing her everyday, even though we sometimes drove eachother nuts. I'm trying to get a visit going for March 16th. Or maybe the following week, because I'm an asshole... and will explain why I can't talk to my boss yet in this next paragraph.

So yesterday I was invited over to Matt's for a 'video game' party. We basically drank lots of Mt Dew, ate pizza, and played Guitar Hero. The plan was that, well, JJ was invited too but decided not to go... anyway... The plan, I take the train up there, and a couple of Matt's friends go to his palce too. The I stay the night and we wake up early to go to work at 1:30. The travel time takes awhile, hence the early weake-up. So I wake up and go... I should really just call out. So, Matt being the bad influence that he is encouraged this. I called off of work for the first and only time in 6 months. Go me.

So we showered and went out for a breakfast at noon at the pseudo diner called 'Granny's'. Old people worked there. I loved it :D:D:D. Then we hung around for a few hours driving and going to the mall. Then we saw Zodiac. I HIGHLY recommend this movie! And the book, too!

So yeah. Then we bummed around til my late train.

And that's why I can't really request off just yet. Because I called out. :( I suck, I know. But I had a pretty great time.

And I'm so seeing the movie again this wed. Yesssss.

So yeah, I work with the kitties and doggies and I fucking love it. Not so much the company or my boss, but I love the underpaying job.

Okay, I'm off to make a snack and go to bed. Write more another time!

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

(1 dream | fall asleep)

Time:6:18 am.
Mood: exhausted.
confessions make my eyes bleed.

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